Blue Skies Farm
Growing without chemicals since 1991

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Our Products

Everything we grow is seasonal. We have four major product lines -- greens, tomatoes, raspberries and ginger. In early spring we have asparagus and greens, followed by spring root crops like beets and carrots.  In early July we  begin our Mediterranean line: garlic, onions,  25 varieties of tomatoes, beans, squash and herbs. In August we begin our rasberry and apple harvest. Our tropical ginger and turmeric harvest begins in September.

Who We Are

Paul and Louise Maki opened Blue Skies in 1991.  By 1993 we were certified organic and continued certified through 2007.  That year following some crazy paperwork run-arounds we realized we are  farmers, not paper pushers and we withdrew participation in the NOP. We still continue to grow using organic inputs, but due to NOP rules we can not call our produce "organic".

U-Pick Raspberries

We have an acre of red, orange and yellow raspberries. Our U-Pick season runs approximately from mid-August through late September.  Once beginning the season we are Sunday through Friday 9 am, to about 1 pm. Find daily picking information on our Berry Hotline: 608 455 2803.  Find picking and other crop information on our Facebook link. 

Our Fertilizers

Much of our soil nutrition comes from composted horse and llama manure from our neighbors.  In addition to maintain high organic levels we green manure over the winter and add composted leaves.  When extra nitrogen is needed we use alfalfa meal or bloodmeal.